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Suppliers newsletter July 2018

Dear business friends,

As you all probably know by now, SNP is working hard on the sustainable goals we have set for ourselves. One of our aims is to train our guides in the basic principles of sustainable travel. In cooperation with the Travel Foundation UK, some Dutch tour operators, with financial support of the Dutch Travel Trade Association, have developed an e-learning tool for sustainable guiding under the title ‘Leading the Way’. It was launched last year and we can proudly say that more than 500 tour guides (among which 180 SNP guides) have followed this course and taken the accompanying exam. 

Since ‘Leading the Way’ is presented in English, your local guides can easily follow this e-learning too. We therefore warmly invite all of you to consider this for your guides: Just have a look at the e-learning program and take the exam. No costs involved! 

Gert Nieuwboer -
Director SNP

Leading the Way
This is our call to you to commit! Get your guides certified in sustainability in just 60 minutes. That is all the time it takes for each of your guides to learn the necessary basics of sustainable travel. And for you to be able to claim to have certified guides. 500 tour guides across 17 countries have already joined, so don’t fall behind! Our Head of the tour leaders department Joyce Pennekamp will contact you around the month of September to have a personal conversation and exchange on the education of your guides and your opinion of this e-learning program.

What steps to take when joining the program?

The only thing a guide has to do for the training is register as a new user via this link. Don’t forget to instruct your tour guides to enter the Dutch company name ‘SNP Natuurreizen’ upon registration!
They will receive access to 4 modules, all with explanations and some questions. Complete all 4 modules, and be registered as a sustainability expert! At ‘SNP Natuurreizen’ we will periodically receive updates on all newly qualified guides.




Suppliers newsletter december 2017

Dear business friends,

Let me begin by wishing you all a happy and sparkling New Year. I sincerely hope that 2018 will be a prosperous one! 

Looking back on 2017 we have good reason to be optimistic: we have launched an exciting new website and have seen an increased growth in traveller numbers. Our financial figures are up and pre-bookings for 2018 are at a peak. 
At the same time we have also experienced a downside: increased touristic pressure on our destinations and an increased frequency of extreme weather events, possibly due to the effects of climate change. At SNP we are therefore constantly working on decreasing our carbon footprint, which is quite challenging being a tour operator that takes clients all over the world! In this newsletter we will update you on some of our projects. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me or your SNP product manager. Let's hope for good business, lots of clients and safe and sustainable travelling!

Gert Nieuwboer 
Director SNP

SNP goes for complete CO2 neutral travel!

Commencing in 2018 SNP will compensate the CO2 emissions of all our travellers, and we have amended all our prices to reflect this change. This is a major step forward, since up until now we have only offered this on a voluntary basis. It has been made possible due to two important factors: firstly, we have joined forces with a number of other Dutch tour operators and together have contracted the South Pole Group to offer the compensation in a more cost effective manner. 
Secondly, together with this same group of Dutch tour operators, we have developed the CARMACAL, a tool which can be used to precisely calculate the CO2 footprint of the total tour/package on offer. SNP will financially compensate the CO2 footprint of the land arrangement; whilst we have added a surcharge to the ticket price of all flights, all precisely calculated with the CARMACAL. The CO2 compensation will offer financial support to three different, gold standard certified projects in developing countries, namely solar energy, wind energy and cooking stoves.

Tour guide training in sustainability

Last year we launched a complete new e-learning module for tour guiding and sustainability. This module has been developed by the Travel Foundation in the UK and is known as ‘Leading the Way’.
All our 180 SNP tour guides have undertaken the training and completed the exams with good results. If you are interested in offering this training program to your own guides, please do not hesitate to contact us. The entire module is in English and free of charge.

Important new EU legislation

We must draw your attention to a new European legislation taking effect as of May 25th 2018: The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short. As a result of this new legislation, we will be under obligation to collect written agreements between SNP and all of our business partners, ensuring the protection of our customers’ personal data. The collection and use of customers’ personal data from your side should only happen with the sole purpose of fulfilling the travel related services as agreed in our contracts. You will not be permitted to provide any customer personal data to third parties or use it yourself for any other purposes, such as marketing activities, neither during nor after their trip. 

We will be in touch with you during the coming months to get this formal agreement in writing. We hope we can count on your support.

Inspirational tours and special welcome new partners

The only constant factor in the travel business is constant change. Of the nearly 800 group and individual tours we offer online, nearly 10% are brand new. SNP product managers have been inspired to develop these tours by our local partners, by you!

We would like to welcome the following to the ‘SNP Family’ : 
S-Cape France
Explorandes Peru
Caribbean Tours AG Cuba
Owadan Tours Turkmenistan
Bike Sweden 
Nature Trek Canada 
For the Azores (Portugal) we have also strengthened our partnership with Melo Travel.

A glimpse of some new tours in 2018! Cycling on Vancouver Island in Canada, and along coastal roads in Sweden, trekking through the mountains and deserts of Turkmenistan and birdwatching in the Pantanal in Brasil. Enjoy a welcome ceremony amongst the Belaraghi villagers on Flores, Indonesia, and get up close & personal with the Komodo dragons. Go local and travel on a donkey in remote north Portugal (also fun for the kids), stay in community houses and sample local cuisine. Discover the Sila and Pollino National Parks in Calabria, Italy’s authentic south, and go off-road in the Atacama desert in Chile. What do all these new tours have in common? Nature, activities, remote destinations and locals with whom friendships are made. We hope you continue to inspire us with your ideas, and surprise SNP product managers and our customers in 2018 and beyond.

News from our office

Exactly one year ago (Newsletter Dec 2016) we introduced our new specialized team ‘Long Haul’ to you. It has proven to be a successful formula, creating more in-depth knowledge, efficient workflows, a growing number of customers, and increased client satisfaction. It has also been a challenging year, with new staff, new tasks and increasing demand. But everyone is confident that next year will only get better! To strengthen our team ‘Europe’ we have welcomed Manon; and last but not least, our Sales team has four new members and is ready for take-off! 

Traditionally early January is the beginning of our peak booking season. It may also be interesting for you to know that during the past year all teams have had various opportunities to travel to different destinations, gaining more insight and knowledge. Thanks to the continuing support and efforts of our local counterparts, our staff will be better equipped to successfully sell the destination! 

Suppliers newsletter 10

Dear business friends,

Spring has arrived in the Netherlands! Not only is nature blossoming, our economy is also prospering and the outbound travel industry figures are looking good. The national elections in our country didn’t evoke a radical shift in power and there is more money to spend. At SNP we are therefore experiencing a positive growth in pax and turnover, and we see the percentage of bookings to destinations beyond Europe increasing. At the office we are all occupied with the launch of our brand new website the coming month. Endless testing runs, tweaking all the data and replacing photos and video material, plenty to do… and in the meantime our daily business continues. Clients depart every day all over the world to enjoy their adventure. Fortunately we can rest assured that they are in good hands with all of you!

Gert Nieuwboer - Director SNP

New SNP website ‘live’ within weeks 

It is just a matter of weeks before our brand new website will be released. After working hard for more than a year now with an impressive team of web builders, designers, SEO-specialists and marketeers we are coming close to the launch moment. We will see major improvements in responsiveness. Improvements which will see the website modified to be used on mobile phones and other devices. There will also be more room for photos and video’s to increase the inspirational effect.

Unfortunately, we all know that releasing a totally new website also means ‘two steps forward, one step back’… During the first weeks after launching our clients will have trouble finding their way in a new digital environment, and some of the existing or new functionalities will have to be developed later.

In the first release for instance, it has not been possible to attach the new carbon footprint label to every trip as we had hoped. This function will be released later in the year. With this newsletter we will also share some screenshots to give you an impression of the new look.

Travelife news

Travelife is the leading training, management and certification initiative which helps tour operators and travel agents to manage and improve social and environmental impacts  by complying with sustainability criteria. Travelife is supporting sustainability commitment and achievements with the Travelife Partner logo and the Travelife Certified logo.

With great pride our partners Odysseia-In (Bulgaria) and Mora Travel (Madagascar) have both achieved the status of Travelife Certified.

They were dreamers and optimists, the climbers and mountaineers who founded Odysseia-In decades ago. Offering tours off the beaten track in Bulgaria was already a brave choice; providing sustainable travel that is profitable to Odysseia-In and beneficial to local communities and the environment was maybe even a braver one! “In times when the mass form of tourism is among the most devastating industries worldwide, we need to make a change”, according to Odysseia-In. They believe that tourism should be a tool for sustainable development and preservation of the most valuable natural and cultural assets of a destination. This is why they have been promoting responsible travel over the past 27 years, and why today there is a community of people in Bulgaria who appreciate sustainability and work together to protect it for future generations. In 2017 they decided to go further and acknowledge their devotion to this philosophy by becoming the first Travelife Certified company in Bulgaria. Odysseia-In is proud of its contribution to making a change for the better.

Mora-Travel became aware of Travelife through the CBI program of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which enabled them to receive coaching in the certification process. Various steps were developed, procedures set up, and rules implemented. Thirteen months of hard work and persistence, persuading their local business partners to share in their vision of how each link in the tourism chain can make a difference, was rewarded. Being the first inbound agent in Madagascar, Mora will hopefully inspire other agents to conserve Madgascar’s fragile eco systems and contribute significantly to cultural protection. Mora is confident that their customers will be positively motivated to make more sustainable choices during their holidays.

SNP strives to involve more travel agents in the Travelife initiative. We have begun a pilot  with a small selection of engaged travel agents, with less than 20 questions enabling them step-by-step towards an analysis of how to reach the Travelife Partner status. Please contact your product manager if you would like to know more about how to become engaged, and receive the assistance of practical  Travelife’ web-based solutions, convenient for both small and large companies.

SNP adopts local initiative to maintain Hiking Paths in Greece

Since 2016 SNP has become a partner of  Andros Routes ( ) in Greece. In the philosophy paragraph of this local initiative is written:

‘Our basic pillars of actions are recording, maintaining and marketing the old hiking routes of the island, as well as the recording of oral history. Key to the success of the project is the involvement of local residents, unions, researchers, visitors and tourism professionals in our effort to create a continuous living project that is embedded of the island’s identity and culture.’

Their mission statement matches perfectly with our philosophy towards (hiking)tourism. We support Andros Routes by marketing the old hiking route, a certified European Quality Trail that runs all along the whole island. Based on this initiative we have joined forces and packaged an individual hiking tour where each participant is partially maintaining the hiking path and at the same time enjoying the hike. Twice a year a group of volunteers are involved in more strenuous work of  maintaining the old historical paths. Participants gather in special meetings (with delicious Greek meals!) with local volunteers among local entrepreneurs and municipalities. This perfect example shows how tourism blends in local society and contributes in conserving the beauty of old hiking trails. We trust this example inspires you in finding business opportunities where conservation, local communities and tourism strengthen each other.

Suppliers Selection number 9

Dear business friends,

Another year is almost behind us. 2016 has proven to be a good year for SNP and her travellers. Economic recession seems to have passed, business is picking up again and we are facing a growing interest in our 'way of travelling'. Unfortunately not all news is good news the worldwide turmoil is also increasing: refugees, war in Syria, earthquakes & hurricanes, and 'acts of terror' - as we speak, today in Berlin again - are still having a serious impact on tourism.

Lately we are also experiencing great pressure on wilderness destinations such as Alaska, Namibia, Iceland and British Columbia, making it increasingly difficult for nature-oriented tour operators such as SNP to carry out our work with as little impact as possible … plenty of dilemma's therefore! Let's hope that 2017 will bring you happiness and prosperity, and hopefully a little more peace in the world.

Gert Nieuwboer
Director SNP

The carbon footprint of travel
In previous editions of this newsletter I have already informed you of a special initiative, known as CARMACAL, that has been developed here in the Netherlands by a group of tour operators who are taking sustainability seriously,. CARMACAL is a tool to accurately measure the carbon footprint of organized trips. In this video you get an impression of exactly what this tool does.
The next challenge will be for that same group of tour operators to find a way to effectively communicate this carbon footprint to the public by means of a specially developed label. Since the world seems to be overwhelmed with labels and certifications this proved to be a difficult process! However, we think we have found an elegant way for all to use the same symbols and expressions when communicating this to our clients.

We plan to present this common initiative during the Dutch Tourism Trade in the second half of 2017, and of course we will keep you informed of this. The carbon footprint of al 900 SNP trips has now been fully calculated using this tool; a 'hell of a job' but hopefully a first step to creating a better understanding and awareness amongst our clients.

Plastic, and its harmful impact on the environment
An estimated 13 billion plastic bottles are disposed of each year. Most of you know that these plastic bottles aren't the most sustainable thing. The average time to completely degrade is at least 450 years, and bottles containing Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE) will never biodegrade. 90% of all plastic bottles are never recycled and end up in the world's oceans, killing an estimated one million sea creatures a year (source Recycle More).

Obviously we encourage SNP clients to travel with reusable water bottles. They not only look great, they will save money and save the planet. We know that many of you already encourage your staff and crew (drivers and local guides) to eradicate the use of plastic bottles as well. Reusable bottles can easily be refilled by 10 liter refill water bottles that can often be found in 'welcome areas' in hotels and lodges, or can be purchased for driving days. Please continue your support to get rid of plastic and involve us in any actions you have taken to accomplish this.

Conserving nature happens in small steps. To achieve less packaging waste during outdoor activities, SNP has supplied over ten thousand of her travellers with a Boc'n Roll Reusable Food Wrap. With this environmentally friendly sandwich wrap you can fold over and around just about any size or shaped sandwich. The BPA-free inner lining can simply be wiped down and re-used again and they are also machine washable. Secured with a velcro strap, the Boc'n'Roll also becomes a placemat when unfolded, allowing you to enjoy the sandwich anywhere, at any time. *

New specialised Team 'Longhaul' at the SNP office
Keeping our clients in mind, and thinking about how we could better serve them, we have reshuffled our teams here at the office, and have created a brand new team 'Longhaul'. By creating this specialised team, which will be in charge of both Sales and Touroperating tasks we hope to improve our insight into our clients' needs whilst at the same time creating even closer links to our suppliers.

The same staff member responsible for a clients' booking will also be in direct contact with the inbound agent arranging the tour. This will also allow us to be more flexible, offering more tailor made tours in addition to the standard portfolio we offer.he new team begins officially on 01 January 2017, though some of the tasks have already shifted in the past few months. So if you're based outside of Europe, you may be in contact with a different SNP staff member for your quotes and reservations. We hope you will enjoy the improved cooperation, and hopefully may notice the more efficient setup. We're looking forward to a close working relationship to provide a smoother service for our customers!

Suppliers Selection number 8

Dear business friends,

Since the Dutch Football team will not participate at the European Championship next month in France - which is still hard to accept - it has given us a lot of time to work on new ideas! In this news update we will present you with some of the concepts we have been working on. The big news is that we have reached a major breakthrough by using the prize winning Carbon Calculator to measure the CO2 footprint of our tours. Read more about it below. Business here is steady and growing at a normal pace. We hope that you are all experiencing the same. Keep up the good work! 

Gert Nieuwboer 
Director SNP


Award winning Carbon Calculator
After strong lobbying from SNP, the Dutch Travel Trade Association has taken the initiative to develop a Super Carbon Calculator to measure the complete CO2 footprint of package tours. Not only flights, but all activities and accommodations are taken into account. After two years of hard work and testing by 15 different tour operators, the tool (CARMACAL) has proven to be award winning! From more than 250 projects we have won the international Tourism for Tomorrow award for the most innovative sustainable project.

How are we going to use the CARMACAL?
For example, we will be able to measure the impact of different modes of transport on the total carbon footprint. This graph displays the results of travelling by plane, train or car to the final destination. At the moment we are working hard on a totally new website for SNP, where each of our trips will receive its own footprint score. In this way we can provide our clients with transparency and detailed information on this important issue. The client can decide whether or not to compensate for his/her own CO2 footprint by using, for example, the Greenseat program that we offer. At the moment 25% of our clients choose to do so.

Measuring carbon offset of our accommodations
Another project SNP has been working on during the past year is to measure the carbon offset of each of the hotels that are in use for our programs. This means a stunning 11,000 hotels, guesthouses, lodges and camp grounds around the world! The results of the first screening are reassuring, which inspires us to keep a close eye on this aspect in the coming years… after all we have set ourselves the goal of having at least half of our accommodations as sustainable, if possible with an official eco label, by 2025. 81% of all hotels already have a green or yellow rating. Our challenge now is to stimulate the remaining 19% of hotels to become more sustainable, or to find alternatives more suitable to our mission.

Joint marketing for optimizing sales results
As we have announced earlier, we are rolling out a new joint marketing and performance plan, to further enhance the cooperation with some of our major suppliers. Being based in the Netherlands, with expert insight into the Dutch market and access to an extensive client database, we can be your partner for extra promotions and sales accelerators. Since 2015 we are also active in the Belgian market. We can offer you a combination of publicity, newsletters and Google Adword campaigns to reach out to our clients and even beyond with several sales promotional activities. Your investment will constitute just a small part of the profit margin as a contribution. 

If we haven't contacted you already and you are interested to know more, please contact our product managers:

Suppliers Selection number 7

Dear business friends,

Dear business friends, 2015 has been a strange and confusing year. Not in terms of opportunities; in fact SNP will close this year again with a growth in pax and a solid financial result. No, it is the wider world that has become increasingly turbulent and insecure: the devastating earthquake in Nepal, the war against IS in The Middle East, the influx of refugees in Europe, terrorist attacks in Paris, and a growing number of natural disasters due to the changes in climate. Everything has its impact on our business.

In this newsletter update we focus on some new developments within SNP that might be of interest to you, such as our new SNP magazine that will come out 6 times in the coming year, the successful ANWB program for ANWB-members only, and the inventory of all our accommodations to discover how 'green' they actually are…

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas shared with your loved ones, and a Happy New Year! Let's hope for a more peaceful 2016! 

Gert Nieuwboer 
Director SNP

SNP teams up with Dutch outdoor magazine 'Op Pad'
As you might already know, instead of the traditional annual travel brochure SNP issues an inspirational magazine 4 times a year,. We made this choice more than 7 years ago and now the time is right to take it to the next level: we are combining our strengths with the largest outdoor magazine in the Netherlands, Op Pad. In this way we can offer the Dutch readers the best information on new destinations, outdoor equipment and innovations in combination with our own SNP travel program. With this project we've increased our reach from 45.000 to 60.000 readers and our frequency from 4 times to 6 times a year! The first edition is hot off the press and we are extremely proud of the result. This unique cooperation is possible because SNP and Op Pad both belong to the same 'mother' company (ANWB). We also plan to be active online together to create the largest outdoor portal in the Netherlands. If you are interested in promoting your region or country via the magazine, with relevance to the SNP travel program , please contact our marketing department ( There are always opportunities for sponsored campaigns and/or joint promotions.

ANWB, a strong brand
SNP is a partner of the ANWB (the Royal Dutch Tourist Union), and with 4 million members the largest such society in the Netherlands. Since 2015 a special benefit program for members has been developed, also including unique travel offers. SNP has also contributed to the design of special tours for ANWB members. The offers are characterized by attractive priced packages for a broad ranged audience. Every tour includes a range of unique 'free' extras for ANWB members.. The first year of this new program can only be called a success, also for SNP. In 2015 we have offered a range of biking and hiking tours, with confirmed bookings of up to 300 pax. For 2016 we are already working on new tours for this new segment. In 2015 we offered several trips in the Netherlands, Germany and France;in 2016 we are broadening our horizons, with new trips planned in the Alps, Madeira, Germany and of course also the Netherlands. We believe that this segment offers new opportunities for cooperation. For examples of all our tours we have offered up until now, please see this link.

Sustainability: To measure is to know
Since we totally agree with this view, we have kicked off two projects in the past year to discover how sustainable we really are, and where we can still make improvements. To begin with, we have started to register the carbon footprints of all the 6,000 hotels worldwide that we work with. Ecolabels are also noted down if applicable. This footprint may range from the "best"rating of green to the "worst" being red, and our aim is to avoid hotels with orange or red ratings as much as possible in the near future. By 2020 the aim is that 50% of our accommodations should have a rating of green or yellow. Our source is the database of hotel reservation website BookDifferent. Of course your input is also considered very valuable! If you would like to know more, please visit this webpage. Another project goes even further in calculating carbon footprints, including even the form of transport used and types of excursions included in each trip. In the Netherlands a new standard of carbon management, known as Carmacal, is being introduced to calculate the footprint of "complete" tours.', SNP will use 2015 and 2016 to calculate our complete portfolio. The results per tour will be published with each trip on the new website early in 2017, including a label which will make it possible for customers to see their footprint at a glance. Knowing the results per tour, our Product Managers will also be able to discuss possibilities with you of how to reduce the footprint of certain tours in the future. Your input will be highly appreciated.

Did you know that all your invoices can be sent to our Finance department directly? And preferably by email? This will enhance the payment process. This can also save on unnecessary paperwork and mail delivery - saving not only costs but also carbon emissions!

Wishing all of you happy Christmas days and a great start to the New Year!

Our office will be closed from Thursday 24th December 16:00, reopening on Monday 28th December, as well as on Thursday 31st December from 16:00 and all of Friday 1st January.

Suppliers Selection number 6

Dear business friends,

High season: July and August are the two peak months in the Netherlands for departures. During these two months alone more than 50% of SNP clients are travelling to their favorite destinations all over the world and will be arriving with you. We hope that you will take great care of them, as you have always done so in the past. 

If it wasn't for the devastating earthquake in Nepal I would have predicted 2015 to become a great year. In this newsletter you will hear more about our aid campaign, in cooperation with Thamserku, our Nepali agent.

Good news for our green ambitions: SNP has passed the second audit without problems and again received the status of Travelife Certified, the highest international degree of sustainable travel. Furthermore we are the (co-) winners of the Green Feather again, with our CARMACAL project, of which I will tell you more about in this newsletter. 

Have a great -and safe - time out there!

Gert Nieuwboer 
Director SNP

Earthquake Nepal
Saturday 25th of April the earth moved in Nepal in a devastating way, and we were all shocked by the great impact it had on the country and her people. Our first responsibility of course was the safety of our clients. SNP had one group who just returned from the Manaslu trek and were enjoying a free day in Kathmandu before flying home. Fortunately all remained unharmed and were able to return -with some delay - to the Netherlands. It took days to restore the contact with our local agent Thamserku, but fortunately they were eventually able to inform us that all employees were safe and unharmed, although a lot of their home-villages were destroyed or heavily damaged. We started a special campaign in the Netherlands among SNP clients to raise money for the Yeti foundation. This fund is organized by Thamserku itself for the development of local communities, but now the funds will be used for immediate help after this natural disaster. In just four weeks we were able to raise € 15.000 and have already transferred this to the Yeti foundation. Clients who have travelled with us in the past to Nepal were especially generous, since they had personally experienced the beauty of Nepal and the kindness of the Nepalese people. Important for the near future is that people continue to travel to Nepal. This will prove the best way to aid the Nepalese to rebuild their country. We will do our best to convey that message as widely as possible! 

Here in the Netherlands a very special project - initiated by SNP together with Sawadee - has had a successful result: The CARMACAL. It is a web based tool that can accurately measure the exact ecological footprint of a package tour. Not only the transportation component, but also accommodations, excursions and local transfers are taken into account to determine the total CO2 emission. The NHTV (Dutch research institute for transport and tourism) in the person of professor Paul Peeters, is responsible for the accurate data model behind the calculator. It is based on different databases with the most recent data on flights, type of aircrafts etc. Even the average occupation rates of the different connections are taken into account. For the accommodations, values are estimated based on a special algorithm that was developed for more than 600.000 hotels. The Dutch Trade Association has played a very active role in organizing this project and is one of the owners of the tool. Fifteen different tour operators have contributed by providing comment and testing the software. SNP has played a leading role, representing the tour operators at various meetings and platforms. The next step is to measure all our tours and to provide a label for our clients to see. Than we can start improving our tours in a way that will decrease the carbon footprint. If you are interested in this tool, which has been developed in English, you can get more information at

Are you 'green' yet?
SNP has big ambitions to be as green as possible, and has once again achieved the Travelife Certified status. We have also recently asked several questions of our suppliers regarding their efforts and vision in relation to sustainable tourism. We would like to share some of the results with you! In general most of you already support local communities, implement recycling programs, make donations (nature preservation, help building schools, local social activities) and inform accommodations and local guides how to operate in a more sustainable way. Most of you also wish to attain a Travelife certification in the near future.

Good examples
* Guides or drivers buy large containers of water in order to facilitate clients to fill their own reusable bottles. 
* Guides will inform the travellers not to litter! He/she will gather all the litter on the bus and will find a container where it can be disposed. 
* An interesting project in which some expats together with locals are collecting used plastic water bottles and making affordable/low cost furniture out of them. Drivers collect the used water bottles from clients and bring them to the local agency, who then pass them on to this company. 
* Many of you promote hotels who have sustainable practices and are concerned about the environment (for example, using ingredients grown in their own vegetable garden). 
* One agency selects a project they wish to support each year. Last year they made hundreds of sandwiches and supplied two orphanages with food, cold drinks and treats. 

We are proud to announce that the following local operators have recently been certified by Travelife:
* Odysseia-IN Ltd - Bulgaria
* Khiri Travel country branches Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam
Keep up the good green work!

Join Travelife for free now!
In cooperation with Travelife we are now able to offer our preferred local suppliers the opportunity to join the Travelife program at no cost! Your registration will allow you to complete an online scan of your business on various aspects of sustainability. You will see your own report on basic sustainability requirements. This information will also be accessible for us, so it's a convenient way to share your sustainability information with us, which we of course very much appreciate. Go to: If you have an e-mail address including the words info, res, sales, office or operations you can already use this e-mail address to login by using this password: travelife. Otherwise, please contact us to obtain your login details at: green@snp.nlRead more on this web page

Suppliers Selection number 5

Dear business friends,

As we are reaching the end of 2014, it is time to give you a short update on how things are going here at SNP. First of all I would like to thank you for the cooperation in this past year. We have managed to send more than 28.000 travellers all over the globe. Thanks to the good care you have given them we have received great feedback and many enthusiastic replies. Fortunately, after four years of recession, we are proud to report growth in our business in 2014. Turnover, number of clients and bookings have been increasing again and we are confident that it will remain like this in 2015.

Internally we have made some changes in our organisation to improve the quality and efficiency of our operations. More information about that to come in this newsletter. Another great development is that we see more and more incoming agents embracing the strategy of sustainable tourism. A number of you have already successfully completed the Travelife programs that have been offered in some destinations. This is great news for us, since we believe that we can change our business for the good if we cooperate and inspire each other.

I wish you all the best for 2015,

Gert Nieuwboer 
Director SNP

Changes Product Management department
For each tour (FIT and groups) we have assigned a product manager who is responsible for contracting, fulfillment of our quality standards and general communication for streamlining our businesses. Previously for our European destinations it could happen you were dealing with various product managers based on the type of tour (i.e. hiking, cycling, family tours, group/fit). With effect from January 2015 this will change for the better. As was already the case for our long haul destinations (Americas, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Oceania), each country will then have only ONE product manager, irrespective of the type of tour. We believe this change will have a positive effect on the quality of the portfolio and will speed up the process of investigating new business opportunities. Curious who your product manager for the European destinations will be in 2015? We are sure they will contact you soon, or maybe they have even given it away already. 

Further internal changes 
Apart from our PM department, also a minor change took place in our Tailor-made department. Since we noticed that a growing number of customers is seeking tailor-made services with each booking, we have decided to integrate our Sales team and Tailor-made team. In this way, we are even closer to our customers, and we can respond to their wishes even faster. We also need your help with that! We would appreciate if you can always respond to non-standard quotation and/or reservation requests with diligence, to provide optimum service to our clients. If you want to reach the Tailor-made team by phone, please note down their new email address: and their direct line: +31 24 327 7070. A team of up to 8 colleagues will be happy to answer you! 

Sustainability tips
This month December the training seminar 'Sustainability for Tour Operators' was organized in various Latin American countries. Many SNP agents participated (Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia) which we value very much. Our Bolivian agent for instance gave his feedback: "The first steps have been taken to make our business more sustainable. The first meeting about this topic has been scheduled". Our Peruvian agent: "It has been an eye opener. Trainer and cofounder of Travelife, Chris Thompson, makes it clear that sustainability alone is no means to attract more clients (although it will in the long run!), but it does enhance the possibility for future generations to enjoy the beauty of our planet. I am the proud holder of a 'Certificate of Attendance', but would like to become a Travelife Partner". We are thrilled to read those comments about how to decrease our CO2 footprint in whatever we do. We would love to hear from you what you have achieved to make your business greener and what your plans for the near future are. Please let us know by writing to Have you done enough this year to make your business more sustainable? Think big, act small. We have summarized a few items that most SNP clients and ourselves value while travelling, and that will help you in making your business a little greener:
* if mineral water is being supplied for during private tours, avoid small plastic bottles or let clients fill up their own water bottle in big water tanks often to be found in hotel lobbies. Click on 100% Recycled Water Bottle, a perfect showcase of a sustainable initiative from USA manufacturers;
* lunch boxes should be wrapped up in paper or in reusable plastic boxes;
* local (organic) food is being appreciated and if used, let them know it's been produced locally;
* instruct your crew (i.e. local guides, cooks and porters) on how to become a green ambassador; their conduct will inspire others to do the same and our clients will appreciate good practices;
* while negotiating new rates with accommodations, don't forget to ask what they have done and achieved on making their businesses greener, and of course… let us know!

Joint marketing for optimizing sales results
In 2015 we will roll out a new joint marketing en performance plan, to further enhance the cooperation with some of our major suppliers. Being based in the Netherlands, having expert insight in the Dutch market and having access to an extensive client database, we can be your partner for extra promotions and sales accelerators. We can offer you a combination of publicity, newsletters and Google Adword campaigns to reach out to our clients and even beyond with several sales promotional activities. Your investment will constitute of a small part of the margin, and only when successful in reaching growing pax numbers will we ask for a contribution. More information to follow soon… don't miss it! 

Wishing all of you happy Christmas days and a great start to the New Year!
Our office will be closed from Wednesday 24th December 16:00, reopening on Monday 29th December, as well as on Wednesday 31st December from 16:00 and all of Thursday 1st January.

Suppliers Selection number 4

Dear business friends,

We are already at the halfway point of our main booking season and on our way to a positive result. Turnover so far in 2014 is slowly growing compared to 2013 so it seems the economic crisis in the Netherlands has reached its turning point. Especially our destinations outside of Europe are showing improved figures. In Nijmegen we are preparing for our 2015 season, and the quote requests will be sent out to all of you very soon. In this newsletter some added information on how SNP is doing, the trends we are experiencing, our environmental policy and our successful innovation BED&2DO. We hope you will appreciate this news update. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me or your SNP product manager. Let's hope for good business, lots of clients and safe travelling!

Gert Nieuwboer 
Director SNP

Trends in 2014…
Our latest sales figures show an increase in complex, tailor made bookings for distant destinations. Our clients however, are becoming more demanding and with the growing influence of the internet they are well informed on possibilities, prices and even availability of accommodations. This does not make our work easy. We all have examples of clients that are checking Expedia or for the best prices and Trip Advisor for the best reviews. This has become common practice now and we have to learn to deal with it. Fortunately most of you are willing to go the extra mile to convert these clients into bookings for our programs! Extraordinary this year is the 'comeback' of some of our group tours. The last three years have seen the number of group bookings for our walking tours diminishing quite rapidly; this year we are experiencing a comeback with a pax growth rate of 7%! Good news, and hopefully it will last. 

Sustainability inventory 2014: We need your help!
How green is your hotel? Or the hotels you are contracting? As a Travelife certified tour operator, SNP is under the obligation to maintain an oversight of the sustainability level of all hotel accommodations we offer in our programs. We therefore plan to carry out an inventory check this year and we need your help. The task is simple: for each hotel contracted through you, we will add one question to the price quotation request for next season 2015. To this question "Is the hotel sustainable?" there will be three possible answers: 
* Yes, and certified with this label: ……
* Yes, though not officially certified, but active in: …… (e.g. alternative sources of energy, local community developments, waste management, water treatment…)
* No, not particularly

We realize that for local operators answering this question for all contracted hotels may be quite a bit of work, with research involved. However, we truly hope that you will be willing to help us with this inventory to create awareness and a more sustainable future for the travel industry. You can expect to receive the first price quotation requests with the inventory query later this month. 

Last year we introduced this new program full of short, adventure modules (2-4 days) aiming for a new target group : younger people who are no longer booking their complete holiday in advance but want to 'spice up' their own designed days with some real adventure. We have begun low key with 10 European destinations (Sicily, Provence, Catalunya, Corsica, Lycia, Dolomites, etc) with 4-5 modules. Activities like kayaking, hiking, MTB, biking, canyoning, rafting are combined with overnights in authentic, small-scale accommodations. First year experience was that 50% of the bookings were totally new clients, and 50% existing SNP clients who added these short BED&2DO modules to their existing walking or cycling holidays. No problem for us, we like both types of bookers! At this point (March 2014) we have already reached the total pax number of 2013. It seems there is always a market for new and inspiring ideas! The program has been expanded with new destinations including Scotland, Sweden, Aragon, Slovenia and Iceland. 

Suppliers Selection number 3

Dear business friends,

Let me first start with wishing you all a happy and sparkling New Year. 2014 will be an exciting and challenging year since we have launched our complete new adventure label YOMADS, unique travel experiences for the 20s and the 30s. With this newsletter we would like to update you on some other changes within our company that can be of interest for you and for our cooperation. What has been unchanged is our commitment to sustainable travel and we do hope that you will join us in our mutual effort to make our industry better. If you have any ideas or questions on this, don't hesitate to contact me or your SNP product manager. Let's hope for good business, lots of clients and safe travelling… 

Gert Nieuwboer
Director SNP

New Travelife certifications
Last year we proudly informed you of having obtained our sustainability certification from Travelife. Now we can congratulate some of our partners worldwide on having accomplished the same feat: Ideia in Brazil, Springbok Atlas in South Africa, Karibu Africa Safaris in Tanzania. Travelife is active on all levels in the field of sustainable tourism. Not only do they certify tour operators, but inbound agents and accommodations can also apply for the certification. In the past year Travelife have offered training modules in various regions of the world, resulting in the certification of many of the participants. Are you interested in applying for certification? Contact Travelife directly, or ask us for more information. 

SNP signs ATTA Value statement
Conserving nature and at the same time enjoying it to the fullest, is one of the key values at SNP. To perform and promote adventure tourism in the best sustainable way SNP has become a member of ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) that operates as a business network and community. Adventure tourism relies heavily on human- and nature-capital. To help protect and promote these resources, SNP has signed the ATTA chart. We trust that our agents and suppliers will endorse this statement and join us with any project that addresses or help funds key social and environmental issues. 

SNP bans elephant-back safaris
The World Society for the Protection of Animals, is about tackling animal cruelty across the globe. This organization works directly with animals and with the people and organizations that can ensure animals are treated with respect and compassion. Elephants are wild animals and should not be used in other ways except for observing them in their natural habitats. Here at SNP we are committed to providing sustainable activities as stated in our contract, see our Sustainability Policy for Suppliers of SNP. SNP has therefore signed a contract with WSPA that bans elephant-back safaris. We have already done so with all other animal excursions where animals' behavior was adapted for tourism purposes. We prefer to observe animals in their wild habitat where they display their normal behavior. 

YOMADS, a new adventure label for a new generation
SNP Natuurreizen, Baumeler Reisen (Switzerland) and World Expeditions (Australia, North America, UK and NZ) have joined forces to establish Yomads Travel (Yomads), an adventure travel brand designed exclusively for travellers in their 20's and 30's. In addition to being well-priced, multi-activity and adhering to strong environmental principals, Yomads itineraries will include lots of options allowing participants to retain their individual freedom, all high on the wish lists of the elusive youth market. Trips are graded Easy, Moderate or Hardcore, depending on their level of physical challenge and will all be guided in English. With Yomads SNP is reaching out to a new generation of travellers who are more or less absent in our regular group tours. The unique cooperation with other international adventure tour operators makes it easier to fill up the departure dates. The cooperation with you, our incoming agents, is essential for the success of Yomads. Some of you are already involved in this new and exciting project. Others who might be interested can contact us for more information or have a look at The first Yomads departures are scheduled for March 2014 and itineraries are finalised for destinations including Namibia, South Africa, Alaska, China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Georgia, Iceland, Morocco, New Zealand and Peru.

New region division, new contact person? 
We would like to introduce our Touroperating Department in its new setting to you. Our department will undergo some structural changes in order to be more flexible and more specialized. The former strict division between Group tours and FIT tours will be abandoned, and as of January 2014 we will have three regional teams, with the following specializations:
* Team A: Asia, Australia and Benelux (including France, Spain, Greece and Cyprus)
* Team B: rest of Europe
* Team C: America, Africa, Middle-East
Therefore your contact person for bookings and price requests may change. 

Voucherless in 2014
Previously we would provide all our clients with vouchers for all services. But in the new digital era we have noticed that the use of vouchers is rapidly becoming obsolete. We have confirmed reservations, and therefore payment obligations, with all of our partners, whether local agent, hotel or other service suppliers. So we want to ensure you that you won't need to collect vouchers from any of our clients. We will stop issuing vouchers from 1st January 2014 for most of our suppliers, phasing them out completely by early 2015. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us.

Suppliers Selection number 2

Dear business friends,

Thank you all for the kind responses and positive feedback you have given us on our first 'SNP 
newsletter for suppliers', released in December 2012. 
It only proves how valuable it is to share knowledge 
and information about complex issues such as sustainability and liability and the developments within our company. In this second edition we would like to share some information about Travelife, the sustainable management system we work with, our new contracts we will be introducing this year, and news about some exciting new innovations we will be launching in 2013.

The next issue of this newsletter is planned for December 2013. Working together in the field of adventure tourism it is necessary to have a good understanding and relationship with each other. Therefore your feedback is essential to us all. Don't hesitate to let us know what topics you are interested in. For all feedback you can use our email address:

Gert Nieuwboer
Director SNP

Travelife Certified
We are proud to announce that SNP has received the 'Travelife Certified' status. On January 9 2013 the certificate was presented by by Mr Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the UNWTO (UN-World Tourism Organization). This award is a recognition of the long-term efforts and frontrunner position of SNP in the field of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.It means that we comply with more than 150 certification criteria, everything from a tour operators' office management, product range, international business partners and customer information. The Travelife revised Tour operators and Travel Agents Standard is considered equivalent to the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC); the minimum requirement for tourism businesses worldwide. The GSTC is supported by the UN and is comparable with the FSC standard for wood and the MSC standard for sustainable fishing. At the same event SNP also won the 'Groene Veer' (Green Feather), an award that is presented by the Dutch travel trade organization for the most sustainable tour operator. 

SNP and its innovative products
This spring SNP has launched a complete new concept in the Dutch travel industry under the exciting name of BED&2DO. The name of this formula reflects the traditional Bed & Breakfast concept but with the addition of an element of activity making it special and unique. We believe that there is a whole new generation of young travelers emerging that is no longer looking for fully organized tours from tour operators. No, they travel around the world using their smartphones and tablets to get their information on their favourite activities and hobbies. With BED&2DO, which is basically a portfolio of very short modules with an active and adventurous element, they can book these small adventures to complement their existing holidays. BED&2DO is available in 10 different European regions and can even be booked on location! Of course we realize that this is quite an ambitious project and it definitely requires a totally new perspective on product development, and a very 'lean and mean' way of operation between SNP and her suppliers. However it will be , in our opinion, a necessary addition to the product portfolio we are currently developing. For SNP as an authority in the field of 'eco adventure' this is an opportunity to become the portal of unique and modern travel modules. Brief experiences, easy to book, easy to combine even as part of your self-catered holiday. We offer Europe for the adventurous traveler who is looking for an active nature experience in a responsible, sustainable way, away from the crowds, but with preservation of freedom, independence and originality. That's BED&2DO! For an impression on our BED&2DO portfolio, see:

A new season… New contracts!
As announced earlier, we have created a new set-up for our contracts of cooperation, due to the importance we attach to our quality of operations as well as the desire to secure a long-lasting relationship with our most important suppliers. This means that you can soon expect to receive a master agreement of cooperation, which will remain valid for an indefinite period. Only the price and allotment quotes will be renewed every year. Two important clauses have been added on the following topics: 
- Sustainability
- Quality standards

So look out for this lengthy document, it will arrive in your Inbox any time soon!